Trends to say good bye too👋🏾

We all can say good-bye to the choker. Ladies let your neck breathe. Let’s think about it, it’s low key a dog collar, if you really think about it.
Fur Lofters: 
Just was a tacky mess to be seen in and to wear for a fashion statement. This look should never come back! (nice try)
Pom Pom:
It was cute a trend at the beginning of the year but it was just taken to far. The trend became overrated (iPhone cases, heels, sneakers, key-chain …etc)
Maxi over a shirt: just not helping anyone (lazy look)
Overly Distressed Shirt, sweats, jeans, sweaters and  … etc:
It was taken to far for a trend. I remember when people would be judge for this look, now it’s fashion. As well they would give away their item if it had any type of holes in it. Hold back on the look for now.
Fringe Jeans: No comment.
Bleach Band Shirts:
Band shirts was never a trend until it has been bleach. Now it became overrated with everyone want to join the band wagon. Still rock the band shirt but put the bleach away.
Netflix & Chill: R.I.P.
Patent-leather pants, skirts and …etc: Must Go….
Fake Lips to Butts: Stop! Stop it’s a reason for you not to have big lips because it doesn’t fit your Face. Just appreciate the beauty you already have and embrace it. Gaining a Butt is just being active with your body with dancing, hiking, yoga (Exercising).
Bye 2016
Trends to say good bye too👋🏾



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